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Is Donald Trump the Modern Day Jesus Christ?
By: Ye

Many of Donald Trump's supporters can't help but see similarities between the former president and Jesus Christ, and for good reason, because their stories of martyrdom are nearly identical.

Much like Trump, who stands accused of business fraud, subverting democracy and paying adult movie actress Stormy Daniels to not reveal the details of their sexual affair during his run for president in 2016, Christ was also charged with acts of treason, tax evasion and bribing a porn star.

Also eerily similar to Trump, Jesus showed the common man how to improve his material worth by only caring about Jesus. Shameless, selfish, Christ would lie, cheat and steal from anyone in order to further enrich himself, then use his acquired power to elude legal consequence. In one famous tale, upon accruing a substantial sum of debt for services rendered, he overthrew the tables of his creditors so he wouldn't have to pay. Genius.

And yet, these utter lack of scruples notwithstanding, and despite a preternatural ability to find someone else to take the blame, Jesus was tried, convicted and nailed to a cross - even though other people were also committing tons of other crimes! He died, and everyone else went on sinning.

But does the same destiny of victimhood await Trump? Will he be crucified and left to roast in his crown of gold, abandoned by all save for his Marjorie Taylor Magdalene, there to succor him with McDonalds French fries and Diet Coke? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain. It's some bullsh*t.

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