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More Americans Growing Skeptical of Quantum Physics

A new poll shows that 23% of Americans believe that quantum physics, the branch of modern physics dedicated to investigating the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level in order to reconcile the universe around us, is a hoax, up from 14% two years ago.

The same poll indicates that 26% of Americans believe quantum physics is not a hoax, while 51% don’t know.

According to a new survey by the Christian Research Institute, white evangelical Protestants are the least likely to believe in quantum physics, which many of whom believe is an industry fabricated to draw profit from atheist consumers by promoting a godless view of the world.

"It's a bunch of horse-puckey," Liberty University Social Science Professor Keith Swiger said of quantum physics.

Swiger argues that by making up highly complicated concepts concerning objects people can't even see, quantum physicists are able to exploit secular elitists apt to pretend to understand things that in actuality make no sense.

Swiger pointed to the classic 'Double Slit' experiment in which a single photon fired through one of two slits onto a photographic screen renders a diffraction pattern – indicating a particle-wave duality of light.

"How can something be two things at once? That's crazy," said Swiger, "That's like saying you could hold a mug of hot coffee up to your ear and use it as a telephone. That's stupid, not to mention extremely dangerous."

The CRI survey also showed that 34% of quantum physics skeptics believe that world renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking is the devil, while another 36% believe he is merely a high ranking demon in league with Satan.

"I'm not sure which, but he's one of the two," remarked one skeptic, "No way anybody with Lou Gehrig's Disease can go on living so long."

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