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Most Redskins Fans Now In Favor of Name Change to Los Angeles Whatever-The-Fucks Ferguson Protestors Practicing Passive Aggressive Resistance
DreamYelp Allows Users to Rate Businesses They Visit in Dreams
Walton Heirs Work Harder than 79% of US Blacks Combined
God Recalls 9 Million Babies

Charlotte Zoo Encouraging Patrons to Harass Gay Penguins
Report: 1.2 Billion Children Starving for Content
Man Takes 40,000th Shit
Immigrant Children Taking US Kids' Jobs
Fox to Launch Fox Kids News Channel for Pedophiles
Congress Fights Pentagon Plan to Cut Zeppelin Funding

A large and growing majority of Washington Redskins fans now say they would support changing the name of the team to the Los Angeles Whatever-The-Fucks, a new poll shows. The poll, which reported 72% in favor of the name change, also showed that 72% of Skins fans would favor the team being known as the Milwaukee Native Americans or... (More)

Town to Host Race Riot

I've Got a Mouth on Me - By: Gerald Madison - Hey shitface, guess what? I got a mouth on me. At least that's what all the fart-sucking dicktards in this jiz-stain fuckberg of a town say, anyway. All my teachers have said so... (More)
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Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Love Thyself - Unless Thy Neighbor is a Fag - By: Jerry Wallingford - As commanded by the books of Moses and recorded in Mark 12:28-34, I believe that one should love thy neighbor as thy love thyself, unless of course thy neighbor is a fag... (More)

Republicans Push to Elect President by Candidate Receiving Least Amount of Votes

Teen Corner - With: Former Soviet Red Army General Uri Pavlovich - Regarded as the most astute of any former Soviet Red Army General on issues concerning contemporary American teenagers, Uri Pavlovich's constructive insights are an invaluable resource. To solicit General Pavlovich's peerless advice... (More)

Man Protesting Death of Man Beaten to Death by Police Beaten to Death by Police

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Fucked Up Family Circus